5G - It's Going to be Hidden Everywhere

According to Ericsson "small cells can be installed in existing infrastructure, deploying easily in lamp posts, bus stops, information kiosks, and billboards. They can even be deployed in city manholes – the same ones used for fiber and power conduits. Small cell architectures will become increasingly relevant as operators evolve to the next generation of mobile networks, known as 5G."

What we are being told is that transitters will become more 'openly covert' following on from Vodafone New Zealand hiding cell sites in Rubbish bins in Auckland 18 years ago. What I mean by 'openly covert' is that telcos and operators of the 5G network will publicly state what they are doing on there various websites and such with regard to 'Invisible Sites' and do so openly safe in the knowledge that it simply seeds within the herd mind the notion of collectively safety from the technology no matter what cries or protests we may try to muster. It instills a familiarity that provides a pseudo veneer of protection. Can't see it, can't smell it, can't taste it , can't hear it , can't touch it .... how bad can it really be? Out of sight , out of mind.

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The capacity that will be required is massive and with regard to meeting that capacity and fuelling the projected USD $3000Billion Dollar Gold Rush ( by 2025 ) that is 5G, invested companies such as Ericsson inform visitors to their website that

"Current telecoms infrastructure needs to ramp up to address the forecasted tenfold growth in global mobile data traffic (by 2021). This is driving the requirement for increased mobile network densification and small cells. So, operators require more site options, which, in turn, create site acquisition challenges. Site approvals for locations in dense urban environments are getting increasingly difficult, and it is typically a 9-22 month process. Meanwhile, the requirements for camouflage and multi-application sites are continuously increasing.

Ericsson meets these challenges with site solutions that address a variety of expansion and installation options, and our compact radios enable fast and “invisible” deployments leveraging Zero Sites, Street Furniture Sites, and Vault Sites. These enable operators to reduce site rental costs by sharing site space in existing infrastructure. Cities are also becoming increasingly involved in decisions around network infrastructure, as they drive smart city initiatives supporting both mobile broadband for residents and new Internet of Things (IoT) applications."

Now that statement and the attitude it conveys should cause great alarm for anybody worried about the densification of our air with microwave radiation. Frankly you should be terrified. The plan is to install multilayered transmitters in every single public place in every single city , hamlet , town, village, community that is in someway a feature of the local governance system and thereby the national governance system. Essentially , if it has rateable value, it will be swamped in dense microwaved air.

Given the money that is to be made from 5G , given the investments , from both private and public purses steamrolling through for the deployment of the Internet of Things (IoT) , given the total lack of acknowledgment by our governments that there are ANY health effects to be concerned about in regard to its deployment and with 5G Activists on the brink of being labelled terrorists; I am having a hard time seeing how we Stop5G as the issue of it's deployment has nothing really to do with the technology or the effects themselves but rather the issue of greed and control in our society. Maybe if we can find out the way to stop greed we may have a chance... ?

I see , as many many others also do that there is already in place right now, right here a dystopian present that is screaming a reflection of every fear we have about our future and the dominance of technology in our daily ,hourly, lives. Popular culture has wrapped the reality of an A.I controlled world in a thick layer of rose tinted bubble wrap that happens in some far of future ... but everything is in plain sight and if you have been following the developments of various tech firms over the past decade , firms such as Boston Dynamics ,you'll know exactly what I mean.

All our technology will be connected , we as users of that technology will have no choice but to be connected too. 5G is just one cog in a machine designed to completely control every single aspect of our lives ... and that's not really much of a push from where we are now to be honest, think I'm crazy? Lock your phone in a box for a week and don't use the internet. Try that.

Here's how they are already hiding cell sites and have been for decades it appears.

Underground vault sites

With underground vault sites, radios and antennas are mounted below street level, making it possible to use existing assets where fiber and power already exist.

Street furniture sites

Connected street furniture, like connected bus stops and connected outdoor advertising, provides a great platform for offering seamless connectivity and digital services.  

If you are reading this, you are the resistance, so Resist.

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