Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Tens of thousands of human beings are right now rallying against the threat of the 5G roll out and with very good cause. As I type this scientists from across the world are advocating for the 5G implementation to be halted until the true nature of the effects of the technology on our bodies can be fully understood. A study from last November has found that the 2G and 3G technologies have the ability to cause cancer in rats.

No Scientist , not one, anywhere, from any academic institution will go on record as setting a 'safe level' of exposure to electromagnetic radiation for children.

The Specific Absorption Rates (SAR) upon which 'safety levels' are set do not take into account the molecular harm to DNA that occurs as result of the wi-fi environments that exist in your home public places, at work and importantly for the most vulnerable in our community our schools.

You will begin to hear a phrase enter the common lexicon with more frequency and that phrase is the 'Internet of Things' (IoT). The internet of things will rely on a massive 5G infrastructure future proofed for upgrading to 6G and who knows 7G , 8G , 10G , XG???technologies.

The internet of things means the connection of everything from your fridges to your letterbox and quicker than we will anticipate I add as a prediction of things to rapidly come , YOU.

This will mean that practically every item around you will be receiving and transmitting electromagnetic radiation in the form of radio waves at what will be unprecedented , untested and frankly unsafe levels.

Our current levels of microwave radiation saturation from radio waves and the electromagnetic fields created by technologies that exist now is akin to stranding in a fine mist of water , when 5G is switched on the saturation will be akin to jumping into a swimming pool.

The video below gives a glimpse into the very near future and illustrates how the IoT will immerse us in radiation wherever we are who ever we are and how 5G will soon be old technology superseded by the very technologies in testing and development phases now.

Update 1 Oulu University has won a funding of 250 million € over the next 8 years to set the bases for the next wireless generation.

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