DO NOT TRY THIS ... The Power of Radio Frequencies.

On viewing the video linked below Program Director/Operations Manager of an AM radio station, Ken Santarelli , commented "I can tell you this isn't fake. When you drag something along an AM tower that is grounding it out, you'll hear the audio as it's sparking. In this case, the AM tower was being grounded out by the plant and through the person doing it (meaning an electrical current was running through the plant and the person) ... which was burning him, by the way."

Another who preferred to remain anonymous pointed out that "They are touching that weed to a shortwave AM transmitter. This video is real but here is the downside. The guy who repeatedly gave himself an RF burn now has a much higher chance of having tumors or cancer in his life. AC currents at high frequencies can and do modify DNA chains. I hold more than one FCC and RF related license."

Watch for yourself here

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