Microwave Radiation Attacks on British Soil at Greenham Common Protests during the Eighties.

In 1984 Women peace campers at Greenham Common, England, claimed that they were being attacked by the US electronic weapons from within the US airbase there. They believed that some form of elec­tromagnetic wave or other signal was being directed at them and was responsible for a number of illnesses they suffered at that time.

Symptoms ranged from mild headaches and drowsiness to bouts of temporary paralysis and, in one case, an apparent circulatory failure which required emer­gency treatment. Women also com­plained of sharp pains and problems with speech coordination. A team of doctors from the Medical Campaign Against Nuc­lear Weapons compiled a report on the condition of the women affected and we are still trying to track that report down now in 2019.

The women first noticed a pattern of illnesses emerging in 1984. They discounted food or water poisoning as a cause and started to suspect interference from inside the base. They found that women at different points around the camp appeared to have experienced similar symptoms at the same time, even when they were not in contact with one another.

They believed there was a deliberate intent to make life difficult for them to drive them away. Some of the worst affected women found it impossible to stay around Greenham for any length of time.

Electronic weapons were known to have been used by security forces on a number of occasions prior to the Greenham Common incidents in the early eighties.

The Americans used ultrasound to disorient and demoralise their enemies during the Viet­nam war and a number of American police forces were believed , even way back then , to have carried out trials with infra-sound generators mounted on the back of trucks.

The high intensity, low frequency pressure waves these pro­duce are said to cause vomiting, nausea and a range of other disturbances and to induce fits in those who are subject to them. American medical groups have pro­tested against the proposed use of these weapons for urban riot control.

Microwave radiation is also now known to have been used as a weapon at various times. The most celebrated instance was the irradiation of the US Embassy in Mos­cow during the 1950s, ’60's and ’70's. Up to as far back as 60 years ago. It has never been made clear whether the Rus­sians used the signal as a weapon or for surveillance, but a high inci­dence of cancer amongst ex-Embassy staff suggested that disorders of the blood and nervous system were caused by the microwave radiation.

The women at Greenham Common sus­pected that more than one type or frequency of radiation was being used against them. They said that the symptoms varied from time to time correlating to whatever activities were occurring on the base. Large numbers of women complained of sudden feelings of extreme tiredness shortly before major events such as the departure of a cruise missile convoy and on other occa­sions when their activities might have proved particularly awkward for the forces using the base.

A number of tests around the base were undertaken by ‘Electronic Today’ magazine in cooperation with jour­nalists from other organisations. Readings taken with a wide range signal strength meter showed marked increases in the background signal level near one of the womens• camps at a time when they claimed to be experiencing ill effects.

On another occasion, previously low signal levels near the camp rose sharply when the women created a disturbance just outside the perimeter fence of the base.

Whether this indicated an attempt to sub­due the women by electronic means or merely the use of a radar surveillance sys­tem it is impossible to say.

The signal levels measured were well above normal background levels but still within official safety limits. However, there is evidence from a number of sources that low levels of electromagnetic radia­tion can have harmful effects especially where exposure takes place over a long period of time.

British Defense officials at the time denied that any form of electronic signal was being used against the protesters, but then they would, wouldn’t they?

Were you at Greenham Common? Do you know anything about these attacks? Please contact us at if you have any more information on this.

The Original Article from Electronics Today in On Guard Magazine

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