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The very structure of our DNA lays the destiny for its susceptibility to even the lowest frequencies of EMF. There are other reasons but for this article we will explore our DNA as an Antenna.

Research has provided us with the opportunity to explore our DNA structure as an optimized receiver for large amounts of EMF radiation. This has led to us understanding that our very own DNA acts as a fractal antenna, it attracts large amounts of EMF.

Now when I first came across this information I had no idea what a fractal antenna was. I had to do a bit of reading and cross checking to understand what exactly this meant. So here I'm going to break it down simply , consider it a segue to your own research on the subject.

So, what are Fractal Antennas? First, so we can understand what they mean together, let's understand the basics of these two things, Fractals and Antennas.


We are all familiar with roof covered T shaped antennas, the most common seen type of antenna. Antennas allow wireless devices to transmit signals and receive information. The shape is no coincidence , it allows the electrons to move from right to left and back again resulting in an alternating current that releases energy as it moves. Changing the length of the antenna changes how fast the current of electrons moves and the amount of energy released. This is why you’ll see different lengths of antennas depending on their intended use.


Fractals are geometric shapes that have the unique property of self-similarity. This is best explained by looking at a fern leaf. It’s easiest to see this by looking at the smallest leaf first. Notice that each larger fern leaf is a replica of the smaller leaf and so on.

Fractal Fractal Fractal

This same concept can be applied to basic fractal geometry; each smaller shape is a replica of the larger one. As a result, the only difference is the size.

So a Fractal Antenna , as we now are describing our own DNA is a a fusion of basic fractal geometry and electromagnetic properties.

How is fractal geometry applied to antennas?

Fractal antennas use a 'self-similar' design to maximize the amount of EMF radiation transmitted and received. Essentially, these antennas have a repeating similar (or exact) design repeating over and over again, but at varying lengths.

Now this is important to understand if you are researching the cumulative effects of EMF and wireless radiation. These different lengths give the fractal antenna a unique property in that the fractal design allows the antenna to interact with multiple frequencies of EMF.

Cell Phone Fractal Antenna - Image by Fractal Antenna Systems, Inc

Another aspect of fractal antennas is that because they can be much , much smaller than regular antennas, but still remain as powerful as a larger antenna they have many uses and benefits. For example the phone you are reading this on or have in your pocket uses fractal antennas to communicate.

Why does our DNA act like a fractal antenna?

Lets compare our own DNA to an antenna. Strange right? How do we compare a tiny piece of biological material in our cells to a metal antenna? How on earth could our DNA function like that a TV aerial? It turns out there are a number of similarities between DNA and the properties of an antenna , and it is this analogy that helps explain why DNA is critically vulnerable to EMF Radiation.

Our DNA shares two important properties that all fractal antennas have;

1. Electron Conduction 2. Self-Symmetry

DNA is a long molecule with an electrical charge. It is constructed from smaller parts which are called nucleotides and which are joined together chemically. The nucleotides have phosphates joined to them. And these phosphates have a negative electrical charge. In essence a basic property of DNA is that it has a negative electrical charge.

DNA is also known to have its unique double helical structure ,a self symmetrical structure , and possesses its own degree of fractal geometry.

These two properties of DNA combined — electron conduction and self-symmetry — are the reasons why DNA acts as a fractal antenna. As a result, DNA is able to absorb EMF radiation at multiple frequency ranges (a characteristic of fractal antennas). In fact, shockingly , the very design of DNA means it is perfectly built to act as an antenna.

The 2010 study that has provided the basis for the information in this article showed that EMF radiation interacted similarly with DNA over a range of frequencies, from extremely low frequency (ELF) to radio frequency (RF) ranges.

In effect, DNA is like an electrically-charge sponge naturally absorbing EMF radiation when they two come into contact. This is extremely concerning news and information that everybody should be aware of. EMF is damaging us at a molecular level and we are designed, internally , for that damage to be optimised.

So, DNA is a fractal antenna. What are the consequences of that?

1. DNA is incredibly susceptible to even extremely low levels of EMF radiation.

2. Extremely low levels of EMF radiation exposure can still result in irreparable DNA strand breaks and damage. DNA breaks can occur on one strand, on both, or between the DNA itself.

3. This type of DNA damage is actually the cause of most cancers. Even when damaged DNA doesn’t result in cancer, it can result in the body’s inability to properly repair damaged tissue, or even result in cell death.

4. This knowledge makes for challenges when understanding the very best responses for protecting yourself against EMF radiation.

You must reduce your exposure to EMF in as many ways as you can ... develop routines that do not rely on your use of electronic devices. Re consider if you really want that smart watch, fit bit or baby monitor in your life. Hardwire laptops when using at home , switch wi-fi off at night and my personal 'not so' secret weapon have a good supply of Shungite around or on your electronic devices and on your person.

If you want to know more about the efficiency of Fractal Antennas in working with all frequencies on the wireless radiation spectrum check out the information provide by a manufacturer here. Then consider that these little antennas are part of what makes you who you are.

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